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開催期間 2020.07.03  15:00 ~ 17:30

2020年7月3日(金)15:00 – 17:30
Language: English
Speaker:Prof. Chiung-wen Julia HSU, College of Communication, National Chengchi University, Taiwan(國立政治大學傳播學院・京都大学防災研究所巨大災害研究センター客員教授)
Title “Living with it: Our Daily Life in the Post-COVID 19 Era in Taiwan.”
The abstract:
Taiwan was predicted to be one of the countries most affected by the Coronavirus due to its proximity to China and frequent interactions between the two ones. Because of the painful lessons from SARS in 2003, the Taiwan government and people have high alert early on. In addition, the democratic mechanism ensures transparency and honesty, with which Taiwan has implemented prevention measures in fighting disease successfully. Until 6/17, infection with COVID-19 was laboratory-confirmed in 445 cases in Taiwan, 354 imported and 55 indigenous. Of the confirmed cases, there have been 7 deaths. On 6/7, the restrictions of social distancing have been lifted and Taiwan is now entering the post-COVID19 era. This presentation will introduce the rapid responses of the government, community, and citizens as well as the life after loosening the restrictions. The implications of disaster risk reduction will be also provided.
Dr. Julia Chiung-wen HSU
bet988 Hsu is a professor at National Cheng Chi University, Taiwan. Hsu earned her Ph.D. degree in communication at SUNY-Buffalo in 2003. As a former TV journalist with the China Television Company, Hsu covered many earthquakes, typhoons, and traumatic accidents. Thus, her research interests span broadcasting journalism, trauma and journalism, disaster and communication interdisciplinary study. Dr. Hsu has published journal articles in Natural Hazards, Disaster Prevention and Management, Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, Hermes, Online Information Review, Mass Communication Research, etc. She is also awarded several fellowships, including Fulbright Senior Scholar, Japanese Studies Fellowship from Japan Foundation, Dart Academic Fellowship from Columbia University, and Research Fellowship, from Kyoto University and the University of Tokyo. Professor Hsu’s efforts do not focus on academic research only. She participates in community work with her research findings and puts the theory into practice.

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